How a Blocked Toilet Can Ruin Your Day

A blocked toilet is never pleasant or convenient but trying to fix a blocked toilet unsuccessfully can ruin your whole day. First, you try to figure out what your 3 year old flushed down the toilet this time. Another nappy? You find your plunger and gently plunge, trying not to splash water on yourself or onto the floor. Next, you flush. Oops! Still blocked. Now toilet water has covered your shoes and is threatening to flood the bathroom.

You know you should call someone but you’re late for work and you can’t wait around so you go online and see that people are suggesting you take a wire clothes hanger, straighten it out, and attempt to poke the clog and get it to move along. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, call the professionals. Your blocked toilet has to get fixed and if you can’t reach the clog, you’re going to need professionals to see what’s going on.

Surprisingly, you can still get free call out service in the UK. This way you’re never surprised with a charge before any work is even done. You can find reliable, trusted companies that fix blocked toilets online. Look for ones that specifically state they will come to your home without charging a call out charge. If you have small children, keep their phone number handy. You will need it again.