4 Types of Toilet Bowl Designs for your Home

The year is about to end. Before we know it, it’s Halloween, then Christmas, then December 30th. It’s true that this year has been tough but that’s not an excuse not to take care of your home the best way possible.

Let’s start by asking these questions.

When was the last time you inspected the essential parts of your home? The kitchen and your kitchen equipment? The bathroom and the fixtures inside? In this article, we’re going to focus on one bathroom essential that needs to be replaced when it’s worn out: the toilet bowl.

You can have a problematic toilet bowl that clogs frequently, and it could be a simple case of “my child treated it like a trash can.” But sometimes, it’s also your toilet bowl crying for help because it’s not okay anymore. If you keep encountering recurring toilet bowl problems, maybe it’s time to replace it.

These are the four types to choose from:

Squat-type toilet bowl

Photo Credits: Ceramic Ninja

Let’s start with something unique. This toilet bowl design might look odd because it doesn’t have the usual height or shape that you’ve seen. In fact, this is so much different from the Western-type of toilet bowls. This specific toilet bowl is manufactured by an Asian company and is more widely used in that side of the world.

Truth is, this shape and size is more in line with the advisable potty position by medical experts. They suggest that squatting is better than sitting when you go because it relaxes the muscles and straightens up the colon.

Back-to-wall toilet design

This contemporary toilet bowl has a modern, clean, and sophisticated look compared to the old toilet bowl designs. A back-to-wall toilet bowl hides the pipes and the cistern at the back of the fixture so it won’t be seen by the naked eye.

This specific design makes the toilet bowl look clean and uncluttered. It also prevents any rust or dirt from sticking to the other parts of the toilet bowl, which makes it easier to clean. It’s also easier and faster to install. However, this type of toilet bowl can be heavier and more expensive than those with a regular design.

Wall-hung toilet bowl

Now, let’s talk about an even more sleek toilet bowl design that looks so simple, yet it’s very functional. A wall-hung toilet bowl is one of the modern designs there is, with a strong metal frame that supports the whole fixture.

This type of potty works well with a small space because it doesn’t eat up a huge part of the bathroom. There’s also no huge cistern or the pipework to occupy the wall. Instead of the usual design with these parts outside the toilet bowl, they are all hidden at the back of the fixture, next to the wall.

The best benefit of a wall-hung toilet is that it’s suspended and very easy to clean. All the parts are exposed and easy-to-reach for cleaning purposes.

Smart toilet

In the 21st-century where we live, it’s not so difficult to imagine how intelligent a potty has become. Toilet bowls these days can do more than just flushing. Some of our favourite features of a smart toilet are self-sanitation through UV rays, heated seats, auto-flushing, and warm-water cleansing.

Some even have a tankless design for a more minimalist look. Don’t be surprised if you see toilet bowls with built-in bidets these days. Some of them are so smart they can detect movement and automatically turn on upon detection.

Most importantly, you’d love an intelligent toilet that cleanses on its own without your intervention. Most homeowners hate the toilet bowl cleaning episodes. Well, with these smart toilets, you can say good bye to them!

Just use the touch screen functionality built into the luxurious toilet bowl and let the potty take care of itself! Amazing, right?