How to purchase a commercial umbrella?

A commercial umbrella is a type of umbrella that is specifically designed for commercial spaces. They are different from non-commercial or residential umbrellas in many ways, such as a commercial umbrella is more expensive and durable than non-commercial umbrellas. Commercial umbrellas are used in resorts, hotels, cafes, bistros, and swimming pools to name a few, all these places host many people, and finding them burning without shade is the very first thing to avoid if they want to do good business. Therefore, commercial umbrellas are not just a piece of stylish showpiece but an essential element of such businesses that deal in the comfort and pleasure of people.

Commercial umbrellas help businesses in two very important ways, firstly they provide shade to their customers and secondly they combine style with functionality. Both of these factors are highly desirable for restaurants and similar businesses if they want to deliver a great customer experience and service.

The following are some pointers that will help you in selecting the right commercial umbrella for your commercial spaces.


When it comes to any purchase, the brand plays an important role. If the brand is popular and has a great reputation, then it is the ideal store for purchasing one. A good brand will ensure that you receive a great customer experience and service. It will also ensure the quality of the product and service. A good brand will give a warranty on their products and will be customer-friendly.

Durability & Good quality

If you purchase commercial umbrellas from a reputed brand such as Poggesi, durability, and quality is an obvious way of such business. Whatever purchase we make, we all have a desire that it should be of great quality and should last very long so that you can get the best return on investment. Buying from a good brand will ensure all these factors.


Size is a very important element when you are purchasing a commercial umbrella. Working on an instinct and placing an order of a commercial umbrella might be disastrous. A better way for purchasing the right umbrella would be to measure your place and take the assistance of a professional who deals in commercial umbrellas.

Where do you want to use it?

Another important area to keep in mind is the purpose and location of the umbrella. Where do you want it installed? Cafe, hotel, roof or swimming pool as commercial umbrella comes in different types and varies according to the location and the purpose for they are to be installed.


Commercial umbrellas can be expensive depending upon the type and features you want. If you want to explore all your options, stick to a budget and negotiate with the service provider accordingly.


Commercial umbrellas also come with accessories such as the installation of LED lights that can help customers navigate during the night.

In conclusion, when you purchase a commercial umbrella, always buy from a reputed brand to ensure quality and durability, choose the right size and place, stick to your budget and look for accessories for additional features.