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How Businesses in the UK Benefit From Installing Workplace EV Chargers

Social consciousness and sustainability are two principles that businesses today aim to practice. And as more countries begin to take action to reduce the effects of climate change, more companies are also responding to the call. In the UK, carbon emissions should be down to zero by 2050. This initiative means significant changes need to be made both in the consumer and business sector.

Electric vehicles will become the standard means of transport

The UK is moving towards a future of electric vehicles. Right now, only a small percentage of cars are electric. But this will change soon. Companies need to be proactive in responding to the emerging needs of being able to charge electric vehicles in the workplace.

One step ahead of this is OLEV as they offer a scheme to pay for the cost of installing a EV charger in the workplace. When a business has charging stations available for employees, it can lead to many benefits.

What does electric vehicle use mean for boosting a company’s image?

Although there are still financial risks associated with investing in electric vehicles, one positive effect is how it boosts corporate image. Brands and companies that prioritise eco-friendly practices are highly-regarded. As such, not only will you be able to increase profits but also attract and retain top talent.

Going green will also help a company gain loyal customers and clients. Additionally, the government gives tax rebates and other incentives to businesses that adopt sustainable practices.

The benefits of installing workplace charging stations

Apart from the one-time benefit of the OLEV workplace scheme, there are other advantages to installing charging stations in your place of business:

  • Help the company save money on fuel costs used for fleet cars
  • Allow employees to invest in electric vehicles without worrying where to charge
  • Achieve sustainability objectives that are in line with government targets
  • In cities like London, ULEZ helps commuters avoid traffic.

Eco-friendly transport solutions are also becoming the norm in many developed cities around the UK. Providing charging stations at work adds to the convenience of owning an EV. More consumers will feel confident that they can increase the driving range of their vehicles when they can quickly charge in public places or while in the office.

The future of electric cars in the workplace

For now, electric cars still comprise a tiny percentage of the total vehicles on the road at any given time. Fortunately, private and public entities are working hand in hand to change this. A reliable network of charging stations from point to point is but one way to encourage EV uptake.

Technology also plays a significant role in encouraging companies to start using electric vehicles as early as now. More car manufacturers are coming out with innovative electric car models for mainstream use. Right now, there are at least 40 different EV models to choose from. These cars are not only comparable in performance to regular petrol and diesel models but also boast the latest features. And for businesses looking for safer and more reliable means of transport, these EV’s are indeed the best option.




The Undervalued Importance of Cyber Security

Technology is a tool that can facilitate the protection or abuse of data. Data from 2019 confirms that hacks occur every 39 seconds. When individuals use their sophisticated knowledge about computers to further their illicit purposes through unauthorized access to any information and systems, cybercrime is perpetuated. If you’re wondering how impactful cybercrime is, this industry generates around £1.2 trillion per year. Cybersecurity’s importance in today’s time is understated.

What is cybersecurity

Also known as computer security or information technology security, cybersecurity pertains to the protection of computer systems and networks against unauthorized access and attack. This access can take the form of theft, damage, disruption, and misdirection. The threat against cybersecurity is more frequent than before. When these threats are successful, you can lose data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Common threats to cybersecurity

  1. Ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a severe malware infection. In most cases, ransomware spreads through links clicked from seemingly legitimate emails. When users click on the provided links or the attachment is downloaded, the malicious ransomware code gets into the system. The code encrypts your files which are then only accessible through a key only the hacker can provide. A ransomware-infected system will present a message explaining that your files are now inaccessible and will need decrypting. The only key that can help you re-access your data now comes with a price. It’s a ransom situation indeed. Other ways your system can get infected is through an infected USB drive, compromised websites, or through social media messages.

  1. Phishing

Do you remember getting a legitimate-looking email with the subject line that says “Your Amazon order confirmation”? Titles of phishing emails aim to lure you into taking the bait. After you view the message, a poorly constructed email is often shown, requesting that you click on a link which somehow looks like a familiar website. Many people have fallen victim to such attempts. On a business setup, employees receive a legitimate-looking email from a boss with instructions to follow. Following such instructions will lead phishers to gain access to the company’s data. In 2019, 94% of malware was delivered via email, and 64% of organizations have experienced a phishing attack in the past year.

Phishing comes in many forms. Spear phishing is a method where phishing messages attack organizations, instead of individuals, usually for unauthorised access. Clone phishing makes use of an almost identically designed email, cloned from a legitimate email for more believable results. A whaling attack is another type of phishing which directly targets important senior executives to steal money, sensitive information, and gain illegal access. Many phishing attempts are easy to recognize. If your first line of defence, your staff, need a little more awareness in this regard, companies like MMR IT will help you effectively fill in the training gap.

Cybercrimes often support financial crimes, such as money laundering. By 2021, statisticians predict that the cybercrime industry would’ve yielded around £4.77 trillion. This amount of money is stolen from individuals and businesses you know and care about. How do you plan to protect yourself and your empire?




Manufacturing Facility Management – 4 Ways to Boost Productivity

They say that time is money. And this statement holds, especially when it comes to managing a manufacturing facility. After all, the more output you can produce within a short period of time, the higher the profits that you stand to make. However, this is a task that is easier said than done, especially when you consider all of the areas of the business that will require your attention.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to make drastic changes or commit a considerable amount of financial resources to improve production without compromising the quality of the results. And listed below are just a few ways that you can boost the productivity of the manufacturing facility.

  1. Regularly review your operational workflow

It’s impossible to know what areas of the manufacturing facility can be improved unless you understand how it all works. As such, it makes sense to regularly review the operational workflow of the business. From checking whether you have the right people with the necessary skill sets in the appropriate positions to evaluating both the processes as well as the equipment that you’re currently utilising, taking the time to assess and evaluate all of these aspects will allow you to make better-informed decisions. And as a result, make changes that will improve the overall productivity of the factory.

  1. Keep up with technological trends in the industry

Once you’ve thoroughly assessed and reviewed the current operational workflow of the business, the next thing that you should do is start checking any existing processes and equipment that should be changed or updated. After all, as technology continues to evolve, so must the manufacturing business too if it hopes to keep up with its competitors. And by staying up-to-date with the latest technological trends, you’ll be able to maintain a consistently high level of efficiency and productivity for the operations of your facility.

  1. Keep a safe working environment

There’s no denying that the manufacturing industry poses more dangers than other types of businesses. And it is for this reason that safety protocols, guidelines, and training must always be enforced. After all, doing so will allow you to maintain a safe working environment for your employees. From the utilisation of tools and equipment like forklifts and hydraulic power packs to the understanding of safety processes, making sure that all of your workers are educated can go a long way in keeping everyone safe and productive.

  1. Don’t ignore scheduled maintenance work

Overlooking your regular maintenance is a good way to slow your manufacturing operations down. After all, downtime because of worn-out and broken equipment is likely to cost your business more than sticking to your maintenance schedule. So make sure that you don’t ignore your schedule maintenance work. It will save you time and money in the long run.

When it comes to managing a manufacturing facility, it’s crucial never to leave any stone unturned. And by regularly reviewing the workflow of the business, staying up-to-date with technological trends, prioritising safety and sticking to the scheduled maintenance of your equipment, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of problems and increase productivity at the same time.




Increase Production Space by Choosing Contract Packing Services

Finding a place where you can operate your business isn’t easy. You want to have enough space for all transactions, but you also don’t want to spend a lot of money. You want to hire several employees to help accomplish your goals, but it means more expenses. You will give all of them a salary for a full-time employee, and also require a larger production space.

If you’re selling products, you also need an area to store all of them. You might have to rent a warehouse that could keep all these items in the same place. It would be costly, depending on the size of your business. You will sacrifice the space allotted for operations because you need to clear space for the warehouse.

The best way of dealing with this problem is to partner with a contract packing company. You can take out all of these products and let the packing company determine where to store them.

Once you have removed all these items, you will have a spacious area where other office functions can take place. You also don’t need to pay for a storage facility rental since the packing company will take care of this issue.


Storage and beyond

Storing the products is only a small portion of the services provided by contract packing companies. It’s their job to pack, label, and send the products to the customers if there are orders. You don’t need to worry if you received an order. Regardless of the platform used to key in the order, the packing company will deal with it.

With their help, you can guarantee to send the items on time. Remember that the reputation of your business could be on the line. If you fail to deliver as expected, it might hurt your business. The contract packing company will make sure that you stay competitive by delivering everything on time. They will also be responsible if orders get lost or fail to reach the customers at all. You don’t want to deal with the screams of dissatisfied customers who were unable to receive what they ordered.

It’s a cost-effective choice

If you decide not to work with a contract packing company, you need to deal with everything by yourself. You have to store the products in your warehouse. You have to rent that space first and even sign a long-term contract. You also have to purchase supplies for packaging. Delivering these products would also require a separate set of expenses. If you trust a contract packing company, they will deliver on your behalf. You can tell them what to do and what you expect. You will even receive updates regarding the services they render.

You have nothing to worry about anymore as soon as you commence this partnership. You can relax and think that everything is moving forward, as you hoped. If you face problems, you can always look for another partner. It’s easy since you don’t need a long-term deal.


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