Setting up a Dutch Business

A lot of entrepreneurs and international companies want to expand their company abroad. The Netherlands is a great country to start new activities in and for this reason, a lot of those international companies choose to set up a Dutch business. A Dutch BV has a lot of benefits:

  • You only need a share capital of one euro.
  • The shareholder is only liable for the amount they paid as share capital.
  • The issuing or transferring of shares requires permission from the shareholder.
  • All shareholders are registered in the Dutch company register.
  • A foreign company can be the director of the Dutch business.

Steps of registering a Dutch BV

Every company in the Netherlands needs to be registered in the KVK. To do this, you will need to contact a notary who can help you with this. The following steps are taken to register a company in the Netherlands:

  1. Check if the company name is available. If so, you need to reserve the name.
  2. Collect and send all the documents you need to the incorporation agent.
  3. Submitting the notarized statutory documents and deed of incorporation.
  4. Registering the company in the commercial registry in the Netherlands.
  5. Registering the company with the tax authorities in the Netherlands.
  6. Open a Dutch business bank account.
  7. Commence of business operations.

Set up a Dutch business

Do you want to set up a business in the Netherlands? It might be useful to have some help from a Dutch company with this. Intercompany Solutions is a special business that has helped hundreds of companies by setting up their business in the Netherlands. They will help you with all the steps you need to take and will make sure your company is set up the right way.