What does a franchise marketing strategist do?

A Franchise marketing strategist is someone who is in charge of putting marketing strategies into action. They not only conduct extensive research to identify new marketing opportunities, but they also create creative concepts to increase brand awareness.

By selecting the best marketing strategies for your niche, you can convert your target audience into eager buyers. With integrated marketing strategies, you can be confident in the growth and profitability of your small business.

People who want to start their own business and be theirboss should consider a franchise. With a franchise, you’re starting a business with a well-known brand and a tried-and-true business model. However, for your business to be successful, your franchise must be marketed locally.

The key process of franchise strategist

  • Management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Management of a team
  • Business strategy
  • Forecasting sale

Responsibilities of a Franchise marketing strategist

In practice, a franchise strategist can assist with almost every aspect of the franchise world, but the following are some of the most important tasks they complete.

  • Determine whether a company is franchisable.
  • Assists in Legal paperwork for a franchise
  • Assist franchisors in growing their businesses by reviewing and writing franchise documents and developing franchisee and employee training protocols.
  • Assist prospective investors in determining which franchise opportunity is right for them, as well as whether they prefer customer-facing roles or hiring a team and delegating tasks.
  • Assist those who are about to launch their franchise unit in identifying any flaws in their plan.
  • Assist entrepreneurs in determining whether they are better suited to developing a large business network or focusing on a smaller project.
  • Guide prospective franchisees through the setup process and assist them in avoiding unpleasant surprises later on.
  • Suggestions for how business owners could improve their approach to increase productivity, profitability, and job satisfaction.

Where Can I Find Franchise strategists?

  • Taking the plunge into a new business or going into expansion mode can be intimidating because you may be unaware of certain factors.
  • Franchise strategists can assist you in overcoming your initial concerns and directing you in the right direction. So, hire a company or a strategist who possesses the aforementioned qualifications that attest to their credibility.
  • Technology, social media, and online classified ads have made it easier for people to find potential Strategists.
  • You can, however, obtain strategists contacts from a franchisee who speaks about their actual results and how their partner franchise strategists assisted in the process.
  • Another option is to work with an HR consultancy, which can provide you with a list of credible companies from which to choose a few names.


Franchise strategists are industry experts who can guide and connect you to resources and opportunities to help you achieve your business aspirations and goals. They are experts who bridge and connect opportunities, businesses, and people who want to invest their time, money, and aspirations as well. Franchise strategists are like links in a chain that aid in the expansion of a sector through franchising.

Boost Efficiency And Your Bottom Line with A Time Card App

As a business owner or manager, it is your job to find modern technology that can enhance your business and help you meet your bottom line. There are many reasons time clock solutions are being used in enterprises globally. It can help boost your team’s efficiency and help your business become more productive. On top of that, it can also help you feel less stressed with running a business and help take care of many administrative tasks that you probably don’t have time for.

Companies who choose older methods of time clocks spend a lot of time on tasks that could be done in a few minutes. Calculating individual hours and ensuring accuracy takes an enormous amount of time that business owners do not have. Without a modern time card app, all hours must be checked repeatedly between the pay periods, and pay period cards must be triple-checked. Still, mistakes happen when all of this is done by hand.

The more employees you have in a business, the more time you will spend on payroll. This can be detrimental to your business when you have other things you need to focus on. Old school time and attendance methods can decrease your efficiency to run a business and hurt your profits in the future.

Let’s look at why you need to switch to a modern time card app and how it can help boost efficiency and your bottom line.

Safe and Secure

Physical punch clocks came with many issues, but one of the more prominent issues was security. There was a centralized area where all employees placed their time cards, meaning anyone could view time tracking information and personal time off requests for anyone else. Not to mention that these cards could be easily misplaced.

A time and attendance app ensures that employees can only view their time tracking or time off details. All time card information is securely stored in the cloud, so it cannot be misplaced or accidentally thrown out. Additionally, time tracking information can be referenced by management from any permitted location or device, so they no longer have to try and hunt down a physical time card.

Decreases Administrative Costs

One of the most time-consuming and costly parts of time tracking is handling each process manually. This is especially true when manual punch clocks are still being used. In the event of an issue, administrative staff would have to track down an employee to try and rectify the problem.

With a time card app, the time tracking process is passive and only requires hands-on intervention when necessary. This allows you to take the money saved on reduced administrative oversight and put it towards another part of your business.

Easily Editable

As mentioned, with a job clock, a great deal of the time tracking process is passive. However, employees will inevitably make mistakes every now and then, and management will need to step in to make adjustments to schedules or employee time.

Since a timekeeper app is easily accessible, management can adjust employee work hours, time off, or schedules from any permitted location or device and with only a few clicks. Making adjustments in real-time and quickly is an essential part of streamlining operations, and with a time card app, you can do just that.

Reduces Time Theft

Time theft is an issue that most, if not all, workplaces have experienced. Not only does time theft impact your bottom line, but it can also severely damage employee morale. One of the best things about using a simple time card app is that some use biometrics to allow people to punch in. This means it verifies their unique physical identifiers, such as a fingerprint or face, before allowing them to track time.

Other features, such as geofencing, help you ensure that employees are only at permitted locations before punching in and not simply punching in while they’re still on their way to work. These features help with reducing time theft and can ensure that employee morale stays at a healthy level through fair time tracking practices.

Motivates Teams

A great feature of this tool is that you can see what projects make the most money, which team makes the most sales, and what workers may be struggling to meet set deadlines. One way to help encourage employees to work at their best every day is to reward them for positive outcomes. This will create a fun way to boost efficiency and motivate your team for the right rewards.

If your business is struggling and you’re looking for a sound investment to help improve your bottom line, then a time card app may just be the answer. It can help streamline the overall time tracking process, improving employee productivity and business efficiency.

Factors That Affect the Speed of a Wire Transfer

Money is critical and has a lot of means to be dealt with. Many fraudsters will try their best to lure you into a trap and then deceive you. Most of such scams happen while transacting in money transfer certificates. Wire transfers between domestic U.S. banks are mostly completed within 24 hours. On the other hand, international transactions take one to five business days.

Though, that’s not the same for all wire transfers. As you understand, “what is a money order or how long does a wire transfer take?” you need to bestow some more time on identifying numerous variables that can potentially hinder the speed of electronic money transfers. Note that some of these factors will be beyond your control, but you can still work on manipulating others to speed up the transaction.


All electronic funds transfers don’t move at the same speed. Certain factors influence their pace. Read below these factors thoroughly and get going.

Time of Transfer

When the transaction was made makes a huge difference in how long it takes to clear. Time and day when you submit your wire transfer paperwork is essentially the most common variable here. Be at ease! You can have control over it since it is easy to alter precisely to speed up the process.

Each financial institution has its unique cutoff time for electronic fund transfers. While for some, it is 2 p.m., Monday to Friday for same-day clearance, some others have a cutoff time of 5:15 p.m. for international transactions and 6 p.m. for domestic ones.

Thus, submit all your paperwork before the deadline if you wish the transfer goes out the same day. Otherwise, it will not go out until the following business day. So, it all depends on the time of transfer.

Location of Recipient

Domestic work gets done rapidly because of territorial privilege. And if you are sending the money within a single institution, it will be way swifter to get it done. International transactions are overwhelming at times. Typically, they take longer, partly because of the recipient bank. The recipient often slows down the process to ensure security against fraudulent transactions.

In fact, some nations are labeled “slow-to-pay” due to their prolonged finance-related processes. Some of these nations are China, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Argentina, and Cambodia.

Bank’s Method of Fund Transfer

The three most commonly used methods of wire transfers are FedWire, CHIPS, and SWIFT. Let’s see how these three methods affect the momentum of money transfer.


Often considered the fastest method of electronic fund movement, FedWire is reserved for large amounts and time-sensitive transactions. It is applicable only when domestic transfers are to be made. But these are processed almost immediately as once a wire is sent by your bank through FedWire, the recipient gets it instantly, particularly if the recipient bank is the same.


Short for Clearing House Interbank Payments System, CHIPS is the process of grounding multiple transactions into batches and sending in a large transaction. There might be a slight delay compared to other methods as wires are sent in groups rather than as individual transactions.


Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) is the primitive method of electronic funds movement. Under this system, wires are sent via intermediate banks before reaching their final destination. Due to this, the bank’s cutoff times and other administrative factors delay the transfers.


Wire transfers are used for sending huge funds because they are secure. You are provided with a Federal Reference Number that ensures the uniqueness of your transactions. This reference number can also be used for tracking the status. Overall, it is speedy, secure, and typically helps you get past all the hurdles en route.


Benefits of Organizational Excellence


Organizational excellence has been used by various companies in the past to renovate workplace culture and increase profits. However, besides this organizational excellence also improves the production time, optimizes the inventory, and improves performance. Organizational excellence is a continuous process that requires time to time updates and improvements. While the benefits of it are endless, let us look at some of the important ones below:

Eliminates Waste

One of the important advantages of organizational excellence is that all the resources on an individual level or as a whole are used to their best efficiency and are not wasted. This ensures that the customers receive additional value for their products while paying less for them.

Simplifies Procedures To Enable Smooth Expansion

Processes of the companies that have an organizational excellence model in place can be easily monitored. Since all the processes are well defined, the operations become more effective and this enables the company to expand its operations smoothly as the standard operating procedures are already defined through organizational excellence.

Beneficial For Customers

Although organizational excellence is deemed to be an internal strategy of the company, the end customers all enjoy its benefits. This is because when the internal methods are improved, the company can focus on the demands and requirements of the customer and cater to them in a faster manner.

Increases and Empowers Employees

A motivated workforce always strives hard to achieve the best results. This can be achieved by timely rewarding and celebrating their achievements, taking care of their well-being, these activities in the long run can strengthen your organizational excellence. A motivated workforce and organizational excellence always work parallelly.


Quick Detection of Issues

Due to real-time monitoring of issues, your workforce will feel more vested to troubleshoot the issues as soon as they arise. Organizational excellence enables the workers to develop a better understanding of the corrective actions which are needed to take during any problem. The issues catered at the initial level can often prevent bigger issues to take place.


Optimizes Time for the Management

Organizational excellence enables the worker to take their own decisions and solve the issue which in turn frees up the time for the upper management to focus on core activities which can aid in increasing the revenues of the company, quality improvement, marketing, and expansion. As the probability of unforeseen issues reduces, the management can manage their schedules more efficiently.

Promotes Teamwork

Generally, the senior leadership plans develop and implement organizational excellence but it stills needs participation and cooperation from every individual of the company to make it effective. As a clear and open medium for communication is used, the value of teamwork gets promoted across the company. As each individual has a definite role and goal to achieve, this influences them to work collectively to achieve the best result for the overall success of the organization.

Final Thoughts

Organizational Excellence is not just another term in the world of business. It is a method to operate your business at its maximum efficiency. Now that we have gone through some of the key benefits of organizational excellence, experts at Sandler Training are always available for you to incorporate a proper organizational excellence mode at your company.





You just aren’t Way too Small to medium sized With regard to a very small business Consultant’s Recommendations

When your enterprise comes with 5, and 10 people, and you will be some sort of only businessperson looking to get your enterprise flourishing, it can be do not ever prematurily . to obtain skilled recommendations. You will be do not ever way too small to medium sized and it’s really do not ever prematurily . to obtain help that will could help be a success. When you will be battling inside your conception and are prepared to start out nevertheless wish to attack the bottom functioning, a specialized coordinator will assist you to. A whole lot of internet marketers are frightened to help require allow, nevertheless.


Considering worried with relinquishing regulate across ones “baby” to help some other person? You will be! Ones wish of your family company very likely suggests more than enough back that will you may preserve ones capacity preserve that will company properly. Some sort of coordinator ought to work with others rather then control. Their own feedback is that will — feedback. Don’t get just about every little bit of recommendations you will be offered and then a experienced coordinator don’t make an attempt to pressure ones give with an issue you will be distressing using.


Timing, with a very small business, is usually almost everything. Considering providing the proper product or service, product, and answer? Are you experiencing the proper timing with regard to as soon as together with how to overcome clients? Have you ever gained more than enough company intellect to help you out get smart options? A very small business consultant’s abilities can certainly help.

Possessing Allow as contrasted with. Intending The idea By itself

A few come to feel they also have plenty of time to undertake the idea by itself. A few believe that they do not get time period nevertheless have zero options as they simply aren’t able to truly find the money for to obtain any sort of allow. Trying out skilled recommendations doesn’t need to help hurt your wallet therefore may have a giant roi. The majority small company experts get a few answer with regard to rates therefore, the charge is a great deal below what it’s possible you’ll hope. Plus more as compared to that will, the idea could help progress immediately and that means you are generally gaining some sort of gain together with can now get additionally investment strategies inside your company. Upper body and finally small to medium sized to help you out get substantial advances send.

Having the Correct Recommendations

You cannot assume all experts are generally same and then a innovative and private business owner ought to be heedful approximately producing the proper investment strategies along with the correct company options. A few internet marketers are worried approximately trying out the incorrect aspects together with playing the incorrect recommendations — that can end up hazardous for a company. Rather then increasingly being worried to obtain allow, simply complete ones homework so that people choose the best allow. The majority consultancy agencies may offer like the early assessment of course, if you just aren’t at ease every part in the dialogue you’ve got with each other, window shop in advance of producing any sort of investment strategies and putting your signature on any sort of legal agreements.

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