If one takes a good look at the role model and mentor in one’s life, he/she probably has one thing in common: innate sense of thinking big about what he/she is doing in the world. He/she seem fearless, easily rallying the troops for their business or personal cause, and he/she expect big results. Now he/she wasn’t sprinkled with pixie dust; he/she expanded his/her thinking and believe over time and anyone can too. Because lines of life and business are blurry for many professionals, what I think and believe in one area naturally flows into the other.

Below are three things I learnt about thinking big and going beyond ordinary.

  • Let go perfection and take action: Big thinkers are always willing to take risk a little imperfection for action. That one goal you want to accomplish ,how many times have you decided to wait until the perfect time to begin ?you should start getting comfortable with less perfection at launch and more perfection as you go.
  • Make decisions: where you want to be, instead of where you are today. What would a million dollar owner do in the same situation? Means a shift in your mind set, thinking beyond where you are at this moment. Definitely you will find that in order to do this, you have to create a team of professional and personal support.
  • Befriend discomfort: most of the accomplishments are usually just beyond our fingertips. If one is going to grow, he/she will learn to love or at least befriend, discomfort. If putting yourself out there with that new business idea or personal goal give you a pit in your stomach, that’s a sign you’re heading in the right direction. For a big thinker to diversify he/she must learn this three factors.