6 Extra Features that Radio Movil Should Have

Radio Movil was once a popular communication tool. Talking with someone through this tool is so much interesting. Even though it loses its popularity for individual usage, today, many organizations still use it to communicate with the team they send to the field. It is much efficient compared to a mobile phone. 

However, to get the best features of mobile radio, one should only buy and use the model with complete features. Other than standard features, here, we have listed several extra functions that your mobile radio should have.


It is a monitoring function that you can use by using a specific button you can find on the handheld transceiver. When you press it, you can find the weak station noise and frequency by listening to its squelch level.

Memory Write

This function allows you to record a specific VFO setting. By doing so, you can easily choose and connect with a specific VHF/UHF channel that you have saved before. This function might be difficult to use. However, you should practice using it a lot, which will help you to be a moderator when you connect several channels.

Noise Blankers and Reduction

As its name implied, this function will reduce and even remove the noise from a specific frequency that you contact. Mobile radio with this function has a knob or button that allows you to adjust the sensitivity level of the frequency, so you can remove the noise.

Adjustable Filters

You can use it to adjust the DSP frequency that you currently are using. It helps you to get better connection and sound during the communication time. In the past, the mobile radio only has a manual button to adjust the filters. However, the latest mobile radio product has better technology, which allows you to adjust the filter and frequency smoothly and even automatically.

Voice Recorder

The latest mobile radio has a feature for recording your voice message and sending it to the receiver. You also can find this feature in the old model. However, the old model only uses the Morse code on this feature. It was much simpler than the modern mobile radio. Even so, you can still use it to record Morse code if you want your message to be shorter and simple for its receiver.

Custom Setups

This extra feature is the essential one. It saves your previous configuration. Therefore, you don’t need to adjust and find the frequency again whenever you turn on your mobile radio. Furthermore, you also can name each setup. That makes it easier to find the settings that you want to use. 


A bit of reminder here, the mobile radio that you find may not have all those extra features. So, choose the product that has those features that you need. That kind of product has better value. You won’t waste your money, plus it will work much better for you. Now, visit the store that you can trust. Then, get the Radio Movil with the best set of features.