7 Best nature attractions in Shimla for a relaxing vacation!

Shimla is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations, situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This scenic hill station offers many fun activities, architecture, and natural wonders. It’s one of the best places to visit in India, offering gorgeous views of the hills, greenery, and a relaxing atmosphere. One can enjoy their trip to the fullest if they make the trip when it’s the best time to visit in Shimla to explore more and enjoy the weather.


If you are a nature lover and want to explore this city’s natural vistas, then this list is for you. Keep reading below to find out the top best nature attractions in Shimla. Read on:


  1. Jakhoo Hill

If you want to spend some relaxing time surrounded by nature during your trip to Shimla, you must visit Jakhoo Hill. It’s the highest point in the city surrounded by Alpine trees. You can take a stroll around the place and visit the famous Jakhoo Temple and the new Hanuman Statue. Just beware of the mischievous monkeys who may steal food or accessories from you.


  1. The Glen 

Another wonderful nature attraction at his gorgeous hill station is the Shimla Glen. A glen is a small valley, and this one is located near the Scandal Point in Shimla. It’s surrounded by deodar and pine trees. The entire location is picturesque, surrounded by beautiful green scenery. The Glen is best for nature walks and a great picnic spot amidst nature.


  1. Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary 

If you are a lover of nature and wildlife, then you must get this location added to your Shimla tour packages. Located only 9 km from the Shimla Railway Station is the Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary, which is also known as Reserve Forest Sanctuary. The area where the sanctuary is located was declared a protected forest in 1952, and it became a sanctuary in 1990.


Here, you can spot leopards, Indian sambars, barking deer, Himalayan yellow-throated porcupines, common langurs, and many trees, including Mohru Oak, Khasu Oak, Himalayan Spruce, and more. This wildlife sanctuary is not only home to thousands of flora and fauna but also serves as the city’s major water supply source.


You can explore the sanctuary on foot or ride a bike. Bikes are available at nominal charges at the entry points.


  1. Chadwick Falls 

When visiting the Glen Valley in Shimla, also visit the Chadwick waterfalls in the forests. This waterfall was originally called Chidku Jhaar, Chidku meaning sparrow and Jhaar meaning waterfall. But, the British found it difficult to pronounce, so they started calling it Chadwick Falls.


It must be noted that there are no restaurants or eateries near the waterfalls. So, it’s best to bring your own snacks, food and drinks. The waterfall is also the prime water source for wild animals like leopards. Hence, you must head back before sunset.


  1. Himalayan Bird Park 

If you love to spot birds, you must add this location to your Shimla tour packages. The Himalayan Bird Park is home to many rare and exotic bird species. The park is very green and calming; you can get some fresh air here. You can also photograph the birds present here, such as peacocks, pheasants, peafowls, etc. The best time to visit this bird park is during the summer, as the place gets covered in snow during winter.


  1. Annandale 

Annandale is one of the excellent natural places to visit in Shimla. It’s a flat terrain known as the playground of Shimla. The British used to play different sports at this place, such as cricket, polo, racing, etc. Even today, people play many sports here, such as polo, golf, etc. It’s also a famous picnic spot in Shimla.


  1. Green Valley

Nature enthusiasts are also going to love visiting the Green Valley for its breathtaking views of the mountains. The place is covered with thick deodar and pine trees, and you will often see the yaks grazing around and some rare animals. Even though the place is underdeveloped in tourism, this scenic location still attracts many tourists every year. Because of its picturesque beauty, the Green Valley has also been a background for many Bollywood movies.


These were some of the best nature and park locations in Shimla. If you and your friends or family are nature lovers and want to spend a vacation surrounded by greenery, ensure get the places mentioned above added to your Shimla tour packages. For more tour packages, you can rely on Hello Travel. It’s one of the best sites for domestic and international tour packages. Visit hellotravel.com to check out the best deals on the Shimla tour packages.