A Marketer’s Guide To Incorporating SEO Into their Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated topic that’s constantly evolving. It’s also something that many people have to understand in great depth but may be anxious about the process.

There are many things you can do to increase your site traffic and bring in more leads. Incorporating SEO into content is one of those ways.

This article will discuss the different ways you can incorporate SEO into content for better rankings.


  • Identify The Relevant Keywords

Keywords are essential when looking to incorporate SEO into your website. A keyword is a word or a phrase that allows people to find content when searching for specific things. It also allows Google to use those words to build your ranking. Therefore, it is essential to be intentional about keywords.

Different tools allow you to find and choose relevant keywords. They can show the frequency of searches, the competition against that keyword, and the frequently asked questions associated with the keywords.

As a general rule to increase higher ranking chances, it’s safer to use keywords that have low to medium competition and volume rates. It is also essential to add your keywords to different parts of your content. Some of the important areas are – title, subheads, URL, meta description, and a few times throughout the content body.

  1. Incorporate Relevant Links and Description

To improve your search engine optimization, create rich and relevant content. This can help visitors learn more about what they are actually interested in. Use distinct words that don’t read like filler words or are perceived as advertisements.

Another way to improve a site’s link-worthiness is by adding links that take readers to your previous articles (in-bound links) or links that take readers to other relatable articles from other people (outbound links).

However, it is not enough to add the links without being intentional about the anchor words. Instead of linking to terms like ‘here’ or ‘click,’ you can improve the site’s authority by using descriptive words that naturally fit into the article. Doing this also adds value to the website and improves search engine optimization.


  • Create A Seamless Reading Experience To Increase Dwell Time

Dwell time is the amount of time a visitor spends on a page after clicking a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) link but before going back to the SERP. It isn’t the same as bounce rate – the measurement of the number of visitors who visit a page and leave without any extra interaction.

To best way to increase dwell time is to create a great user experience for your reader. You can do this in several ways – from the spacing between texts to image types to the language choice. Another way is to draw the reader in, in the first few minutes of their visit to your page. This lets them realize that your page will answer their question(s), thereby allowing them to read more and increase dwell time.

With the best of intentions, it may be easy to slip up when incorporating SEO into the content. So, it is okay to seek help from a SEO Company UK to optimize content that reflects your SEO efforts.

An SEO strategy can certainly help make posts more visible, but you’ll need to produce valuable content on its own merits – content with a natural feel that won’t turn off search engines.