Boost Efficiency And Your Bottom Line with A Time Card App

As a business owner or manager, it is your job to find modern technology that can enhance your business and help you meet your bottom line. There are many reasons time clock solutions are being used in enterprises globally. It can help boost your team’s efficiency and help your business become more productive. On top of that, it can also help you feel less stressed with running a business and help take care of many administrative tasks that you probably don’t have time for.

Companies who choose older methods of time clocks spend a lot of time on tasks that could be done in a few minutes. Calculating individual hours and ensuring accuracy takes an enormous amount of time that business owners do not have. Without a modern time card app, all hours must be checked repeatedly between the pay periods, and pay period cards must be triple-checked. Still, mistakes happen when all of this is done by hand.

The more employees you have in a business, the more time you will spend on payroll. This can be detrimental to your business when you have other things you need to focus on. Old school time and attendance methods can decrease your efficiency to run a business and hurt your profits in the future.

Let’s look at why you need to switch to a modern time card app and how it can help boost efficiency and your bottom line.

Safe and Secure

Physical punch clocks came with many issues, but one of the more prominent issues was security. There was a centralized area where all employees placed their time cards, meaning anyone could view time tracking information and personal time off requests for anyone else. Not to mention that these cards could be easily misplaced.

A time and attendance app ensures that employees can only view their time tracking or time off details. All time card information is securely stored in the cloud, so it cannot be misplaced or accidentally thrown out. Additionally, time tracking information can be referenced by management from any permitted location or device, so they no longer have to try and hunt down a physical time card.

Decreases Administrative Costs

One of the most time-consuming and costly parts of time tracking is handling each process manually. This is especially true when manual punch clocks are still being used. In the event of an issue, administrative staff would have to track down an employee to try and rectify the problem.

With a time card app, the time tracking process is passive and only requires hands-on intervention when necessary. This allows you to take the money saved on reduced administrative oversight and put it towards another part of your business.

Easily Editable

As mentioned, with a job clock, a great deal of the time tracking process is passive. However, employees will inevitably make mistakes every now and then, and management will need to step in to make adjustments to schedules or employee time.

Since a timekeeper app is easily accessible, management can adjust employee work hours, time off, or schedules from any permitted location or device and with only a few clicks. Making adjustments in real-time and quickly is an essential part of streamlining operations, and with a time card app, you can do just that.

Reduces Time Theft

Time theft is an issue that most, if not all, workplaces have experienced. Not only does time theft impact your bottom line, but it can also severely damage employee morale. One of the best things about using a simple time card app is that some use biometrics to allow people to punch in. This means it verifies their unique physical identifiers, such as a fingerprint or face, before allowing them to track time.

Other features, such as geofencing, help you ensure that employees are only at permitted locations before punching in and not simply punching in while they’re still on their way to work. These features help with reducing time theft and can ensure that employee morale stays at a healthy level through fair time tracking practices.

Motivates Teams

A great feature of this tool is that you can see what projects make the most money, which team makes the most sales, and what workers may be struggling to meet set deadlines. One way to help encourage employees to work at their best every day is to reward them for positive outcomes. This will create a fun way to boost efficiency and motivate your team for the right rewards.

If your business is struggling and you’re looking for a sound investment to help improve your bottom line, then a time card app may just be the answer. It can help streamline the overall time tracking process, improving employee productivity and business efficiency.