How Property Managers Should Handle Last-Yard Logistics

Property managers of multi-unit residential buildings are ultimately in charge of ensuring parcel deliveries reach their intended target. They must introduce a viable system for receiving packages, sorting them, and distributing them quickly and without any security lapses. They must also make sure that all the parcels are delivered to their destination on time. This is all part of last-yard logistics, which is one of the most important aspects of tenant satisfaction.

What Is Last-Yard Logistics?

Last-yard logistics is the process of getting the goods to their intended destination. The last-yard logistics process has evolved rapidly in recent years, with many companies using new technology for their supply chains. Although shipping companies have their own issues related to deliveries in residential areas, the people truly responsible for recipient satisfaction are property managers and the mailroom workers in the buildings themselves.

How Supply Chain Changes for Residential Customers


Ultimately, people who order something online or from a high street store and want it delivered do not care what type of truck it comes in, how many people handle the package, or the type of mailroom software and internal parcel tracking software used downstairs in their apartment building. All they care about is whether they get their parcel quickly and without any issues due to disorganization or lapses of security.


The entire supply chain for residential delivery currently suffers from multiple issues mostly caused by a huge increase in volume. Demand has risen more than 75% across the board is the start of the pandemic. (


While property managers cannot do anything about these changes, the way they handle parcels that come into the building makes all the difference in the world. They are in charge of last-yard logistics and will be held accountable by their tenants for any delays or mistakes. Full digitalization with a comprehensive and user-friendly mailroom management software system solves all these problems.