How To Motivate Employees To Use A Clock In And Out App

For businesses, there are several benefits for transitioning from a manual timekeeping system to a clock in and out app. The trouble is, computer systems require training and getting used to in order for them to be adopted by the workforce. In some cases, the learning curve can be pretty steep.


Finding ways to motivate your employees to use the technology can make the transition much easier and more effective. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the best ways to ensure your workers adopt your clock in and out app.


Have a Solid Onboarding Process 

For those that aren’t aware, onboarding is the process of bringing people onboard a new team or situation. In this case, we refer to bringing employees on to using a clock in and out app. You should have clear guidelines about what the app does, what it’s for, and how to use it.


From there, you can branch out and state your expectations, as well as the benefits of using the app for the employees. Employees are more likely to adopt new technology if they are adequately trained on its use and know why they are being made to use it. Part of overcoming the learning curve is having everything set up from the onset to make it easy for employees to adopt the technology.


Explain the Importance of Time Tracking 

This goes hand in hand with the onboarding process but ensuring that employees know and understand the importance of time tracking with a time and attendance app is crucial to actively adopt the technology and use it effectively. This includes telling them the purpose, what it does, and how it works.


Once employees know that using the system is essential and why they’ll be more likely to accept using it. Focusing on factors like keeping track of hours and making sure scheduling is done in an employee-friendly manner are essential points that will motivate employees to use the clock in and out app.


Make Time Tracking Part of the Process 

Using the team time tracking app shouldn’t be complicated, and it shouldn’t interrupt daily work. Setting up a routine and making it as easy as possible for employees to adopt will improve the success of getting employees to use the app as they should not forget clocking in due to the hassle it creates when trying to get work done.


Once it becomes routine, employees likely won’t even mind using the job clock. The challenging part is setting up the routine and making sure that the process is as seamless as possible and does not interfere with an employee’s workflow.


Reinforce The Positive 

There are many positive benefits for employees that come from using a timesheet management app. Continuing to point out and reinforce these benefits is a great way to get employees to use the timekeeper app willingly and even take advantage of the features to make their life easier.


The ability to quickly and easily access schedules from anywhere is essential for employees that have to plan things out so that they can make it to their shift on time. Another benefit for employees is the ability to easily request time off without a whole lot of hassle and paperwork.


Additionally, the pay benefits are one of the biggest reasons for employees to adopt the technology. They are guaranteed accurate pay because the app calculates hours and pay rates down to the minute. That data can then be sent directly to payroll for faster and more precise processing. This means no faulty time counts and late payments. Something employees can genuinely appreciate.


Implementing a clock in and out app is never an easy process. There are many moving parts and several considerations, but the process will go much more smoothly and efficiently if you follow the tips outlined above.