Why Businesses Outsource Their IT Needs

IT outsourcing is already common among businesses nowadays. According to market intelligence firm Clutch, 52% of small enterprises outsourced their business processes in 2019. The global outsourcing industry was estimated to be worth $92.5 billion in the past year.

What makes outsourcing appealing to companies? What sustains this industry that allows IT businesses like Omicron Solutions Ltd to continue attracting clients with their managed IT solutions and other services for overseas customers? The reasons can be summed up as follows.

Cost reduction

The lower overall cost of an outsourced IT team is arguably the most compelling reason why companies prefer outsourcing. Creating an IT department from the ground up requires a considerable expenditure not only for the salaries and benefits of employees but also for their training and the equipment they need. Add to these the costs associated with human resource management and the office space for them.

Instant expertise

It’s not easy to headhunt dependable IT professionals, let alone train them to become adequately competent to match the skills of established IT experts. Through outsourcing, it becomes easier to have reliable and extensively experienced information technology experts on your team. Outsourced IT teams are exposed to a multitude of problems and setups that make them highly capable of addressing a wide variety of problems. IT outsourcing companies take charge of the training, HR management, and necessary hardware and software, so clients don’t have to.

Moreover, the laser-focused training and specialization of outsourced professionals make them unmatched in their expertise. Their only goal is to fulfil the needs and expectations of their clients. They don’t have to engage in office politics or deal with unreasonable bosses, so they are able to deliver their optimum performance.

Compliance with regulations and standards

In an increasingly global world, it’s essential to be up to date with the latest regulatory requirements and standards. Companies that operate globally have to deal with varying laws and guidelines, particularly when it comes to data privacy. For example, they have to take into account FCA rules as well as the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation. To avoid compliance issues, entrusting IT concerns to a competent and extensively experienced outsource company is a good idea.


IT outsourcing companies invest in their reputability. Many similar companies compete for the same clients, so they have to make sure that they have the reputation, track record, and real skills necessary to attract and retain clients. Businesses can easily find other outsourcing service providers if they are not satisfied with the company they are working with. That’s why IT outsourcers see to it that they perpetually convince clients that they offer the best services and solutions.

There’s nothing wrong with having your own IT department or personnel. However, it does not make sense disregarding the outsourcing option if it offers compelling benefits. It’s difficult to ignore the advantages of outsourcing, especially when it comes to cost reduction, instant access to IT expertise and professionalism, and the convenience of not having to worry about compliance needs.


Image: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/business-network-people-3406082/