LoL Boosting Service: Rank Up ASAP with the Help from Experienced Players

League of Legends boosting has been a thing for years. Maybe you even have friends that have used such a service but kept it a secret to make sure nobody steals their wins. Have you ever seen a player get up in rating rapidly? Chances are they are using booster’s skills to achieve their goals.

There’s nothing wrong with getting experts’ help in times of need. Some fights are very difficult and not all players are ready for them. There are also seasonal rewards you may want, but you’re too far off.

In case you’re a specialist yourself, maybe it’s too boring to go through all those fights and get to the point where it’s a challenge to play. A booster is paid for this, which makes it not so boring for them.

Plus, if you find a reliable LoL boosting service, the people playing for you will be true professionals that will do the job without getting your account banned. The key is, again, to find that one service.

The Oldest LoL Boosting Service Still Active Today, for instance, is the oldest, most experienced boosting and coaching service you can find online. It was established in 2012-2013, helping players with basic issues and more serious feats.

Hiring a booster is the best way to rank higher as soon as possible. An experienced player logs into your account (with all safety measures in action) and helps your champion rank as high as possible. They don’t chat on your behalf and never show that they aren’t you. Sounds good, right?

If so, let’s find out other benefits of the best LoL boosting services.

Booster Communication Will Build Trust

You can talk to your booster anytime they are online. This really helps build a trusing relationship between an expert and a customer. You can talk about the game, find out what approaches they are using to achieve the best results, etc.

Off-game topics are also welcome, of course. Who knows, maybe you will find a friend that will not only help you get a higher ranking in LoL but inspire to learn how to play better yourself!

Customer Feedback Right on the Site Will Help Find Out More

They say if you want to find out whether a service is good or not, read feedback. Good news, messages from players are available on Elo-Boost’s website. Scroll down a little and you’ll see what people say about the service and its boosters.

Of course, you can find reviews on independent platforms as well. Research is always welcome before you decide to pay for a service. After the cooperation, consider leaving a message as well, describing your experience!

The Comment Section Will Make Your Order Clear

When submitting an order, you can add a comment to choose a certain role. You can also describe the goal you want to achieve. Be as detailed as possible about your wishes so that the booster can try and turn them into life.

There’s also an Offline mode, which makes your account invisible to your buddies while the booster is online. Choose it if this is one of your priorities. Keeping such a special collab in a secret is always a good idea.

People who are clear about what they want have a bigger chance of success! We want you to become a successful customer, so make sure to use this tip if you decide to get a boost on

Frequently Updated Match History Will Help You See the Progress

There’s a match-board on the website which lets you know about all the won and lost feats. You can see how close you are to the goal and communicate with the booster about it. Everything is transparent if you choose

Be open with your booster and tell them if you want to change something in their approach or your goals. And make sure to check the history frequently to avoid concerns about the result. 

Free Choice of Champions and Roles Will Make the Cooperation Fruitful

You’re allowed to choose the most powerful or your favorite champion for free. The choice won’t change the chances of success. The players working at Elo-Boost are very experienced and will lead any of your champions to the ultimate win!

You can choose any role as well and use the comments we’ve talked about before to mention other guidelines for the booster. Remember, communication is key when you want someone to do something for you.

Experience of the Service Will Make Any Goal Easy to Achieve

Since 2013, the service has received thousands of requests from LoL players. They were all different, had various goals, champions, requirements, etc. Some were more challenging than others, but the investment always paid off.

After years of helping players achieve their dreamy goals, Elo-Boost’s support team knows how to handle any case. It’s good to mention that there are hardly any concerns incoming from the customers. Mostly, they come from people who aren’t sure whether LoL boosting is the right choice for them.

Over 500 boosters from all around the world working 24/7 and using VPS as a cautious measure are ready to help you win big time!

Generous Discounts Will Make It Possible for Everyone to Get a Boost

If you apply for a boost today, expect a 25% discount from the service. Such offers are frequent and very generous. This is one of the reasons why so many people use this website for LoL boosting.

Make the Right Choice the Next Time You’re in Need

Next time you meet an opponent that is hard to beat, remember that there are LoL boosting services. There, you can see what battles were won and lost, add comments to your order, choose any champion and any role, and talk to your booster.

The latter is an amazing feature aimed at building trust between customers and boosters. Moreover, you can buy coaching sessions and learn how to play better. As a result, you’ll need no boosting, except for the parts where you’re bored due to the level of your skills.

Use the generous discount from and start your boosting session today. Any goal is achievable if you have the right tools!