Promote Your Brand Creatively with Table Runners Melbourne from Pullup Banners Australia


Is your business constantly a part of events like trade fairs, expos, or markets? You may be looking for a way to up your branding efforts. There are many ways to do that, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on an effective strategy. Applying simple additions to your exhibit, such as table runners, can make a huge difference in brand recall while helping your business stand out from the competition. You only have to ensure they’re designed and manufactured by reputable manufacturers of table runners in Melbourne, such as Pullup Banners.


What are table runners?


Exhibit tables are typically plain and may have some visible cosmetic damage on their surface and legs. You can effectively spruce them up and conceal some unwanted features by placing table runners on them.


A table runner is made of lengthy fabric to complement a tablecloth. It can be laid on a bare table to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Table runners run across the table vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference or the shape of your table.


Custom table runners in Melbourne are great for branding and advertising your brand in a subtle yet effective manner. They even add finishing touches to your exhibit and display, creating a cohesive look. They make your table décor and layout visually appealing while defining spaces or creating a more symmetrical finish.


Promote your brand well


Pullup Banners makes custom printed table runners that will capture the attention of your target audience when they approach your booth or exhibit space. These products provide a simple and effective way to communicate a branding or marketing message or proudly display your logo. Full-colour digital fabric printing enables the easy reproduction of any design in a wide range of colours to help you stand out from competitors and boost your promotional campaigns.


Not just for events


Retailers also use custom table runners in Melbourne to enhance their in-store displays and marketing campaigns. Community organisations and schools may also consider a printed table runner that shows their names or logos in custom colours to represent them, making it easier for their audience to remember them.


How are they made?


Reputable manufacturers like Pullup Banners Australia use full-colour dye sublimation to print your design on high-quality 230g polyester or 250g shiny UV-resistant polyester fabric. Table runners typically come in eight sizes, but custom sizes are available should you require something bigger or smaller. Be sure to prepare your logo or design in vector format, so the art department can make the proof and send you the review soon before production starts. Once approved, it should take around seven to ten days to manufacture table runners in Melbourne, plus transit and delivery.


Improve your impact on your next event or marketing campaign.


Pullup Banners is ready to print your custom table runners in Melbourne. You can pair them with a custom tablecloth or use them alone. Either way, they will elevate the look and feel of your event table and help your business make a better impression on your target audience.